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Renting VS Owning A Home (The Numbers Worked Out)


       Average house rent $1,260 x 12 months = $15,120 for the year.  If you include  an annual rental   increase of 2% per year and you lived there for 5 years; your  total rent payment would equal   $78,636.00.

      There are pros and cons to everything in life and  renting or owning is the same.  Things to   consider are your lifestyle, future plans and the no brainer of a rental payment compared to more   responsibility with a mortgage payment.   Owning your home is a commitment in time, energy and money but the rewards are great.  Pride of ownership, increase in personal equity and the ability to change any aspect of your home are some of the benefits.  This is a quick guide of approximate costs of owning or renting to help you decide which is better for your situation and lifestyle.

 If you owned a home with a mortgage payment like the rental payment above this is the approximate cost:

$ 247,000  Purchase price
$  -12,350  Down payment (can be gift from family, borrowed, saved or cash back)
$     7,391  Mortgage insurance (CMHC premium included in mortgage)

$ 242,041  Total mortgage amount

Basic expenses

 Mortgage                   $1,156.65  per month  (3.09%, fixed 5 year term, 25 year amortization OAC)

Property tax;               $   145.00  per month  (1,740.00 estimated property tax)

                                  $1,301.65  per month (or $15,691.80 per year)

Home maintenance     $    75.41   per month (average costing 2002 Stats Canada)
House insurance         $    50.00   per month ( $600 estimated house insurance per year)

                                 $   125.41   per month or $1,504.92  per year

Total payment             $1,427.06  per month                               

If you include a annual increase of 2% except for the mortgage payment (payment is fixed for 5 years); your total payment for 5 years would equal $82,134.  If Real Estate market values remained the same you would create $23,000 in equity just paying the mortgage.  Now, if the market increased only 2% per year, you would built $43,345 in equity.  You can see the smart money is in owning your home, not renting and paying somebody else's mortgage.

Renting for Five Years $78,636.00                  Owning for five years $86,285                                                                                                                                                    but creating $23,000 - $43,000 in equity*        


There is only a rental payment and usually no other costs involved unless you have renters insurance.  You also have ability to change locations quicker with as little as 1 months notice.


 More long term security, if you decide to live in the home forever you can.  You build equity, if Real Estate values increase an average 2% per year combined with paying down the mortgage over the next 5 years you could gain $43,345 dollars in home equity.  Pay your mortgage for twenty years and then see the equity you have built up.  No one can predict what will happen with Real Estate values but looking at past history, prices will go up.  In the end, your home is your home and you need to live somewhere, why not own your home and reap the benefits. 

There are  mortgage products available with small down payments, no credit rating, damaged credit and great rates for people that maintain their credit.  To get your start owning your own home, or how to build your credit score email me for more information

The above figures are approximate and for example only.  Your situation may be different and Real Estate values may increase or decrease.  From 2002 to 2007 we saw an approximate average increase of 17% in market value per year.  The above mortgage payment is based on a five year fixed term at 3.09% compounded semi-annually not in advance with a 25 year amortization O.A.C.
*These are for example only and should not be relied upon as Real Estate values do fluctuate and interest rates/terms are subject to qualification.  To find out options for your personal situation please find out how much you qualify for today.