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Home Purchase

What you need to know when buying a home

Buying your first home, or any home is one of life's most emotional and greatest experiences but can be one of the most stressful as well. The bottom line is... working with professionals makes the purchase easier. From getting the financing in order to finding the home that will work best for you, your Mortgage Broker, Realtor and Lawyer/Notary are working for you. The following is examples of what you will need to do and what will happen during the process of buying your own home. Click on any of the following to learn more information about that subject and at anytime during the process you can ask me to help you understand further what is required:

Mortgage pre-approvals are a good thing to have before you go looking for a home to buy. You will know how much you can afford and if there is any unforseen situations that may hamper your ability to follow through on the purchase of your home. With your pre-approval we will go over and ensure the following:

1. Your income and any other income you may have (child tax credits, pensions)
2. Your credit rating to make sure there are no hidden surprises.
3. What you expect and require in the house you purchase
4. The long term options and plans you have.

Pre-approvals also "hold" the interest rate some lenders offer. This is good if you know rates are on the rise and you haven't found the home best suited to you.