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    Rick Bossom, AMP

Being able to access multiple lenders saves money!

A host of different financial institutions, not just one lender’s products. I am Rick Bossom, a licensed mortgage broker on Vancouver Island with over 18 years experience in the mortgage/Real Estate industries and I can get your mortgage from: “the Big Banks”, local Credit Unions, Trust companies and financial institutions who only go through mortgage brokers. That access saves you money, time and knowing you are getting the best mortgage for your situation. There is no cost to you as I normally get paid from the lender we are placing your mortgage with. Let me know what you want in a mortgage and together we can make that happen.

Your Mortgage is Important:

When I look at Mortgage websites I wonder who the people are and how they conduct themselves as professionals; I think it's a good question to ask. For me, it's simple, I am Rick Bossom, born and raised in the Comox Valley, I love my family, being a mortgage broker and playing music. It's great to say that but.... anybody can say that.... the proof is in the doing not the saying and for starters reading the past clients testimonials begin to explain the type of person and service you get when you contact me.... [read more]

What is the "Refer to Learn" music program?

When you refer a client to me, upon funding I will supply a certificate for one month of lessons (4 half hour sessions) from Long & McQuade Lesson Center in Courtenay B.C. to either you, your referral or a child who normally would not get a chance to take music lessons. The gift of music is one of the kindest gifts a person can give and to learn an instrument can last a life time. Please ask for details.
Rick Bossom is a proud member of the Bayfield Mortgage Professional team

Rick Bossom is an Accredited Mortgage Professional and a proud member of the Bayfield team.

Interest Rates
March 12 2021

Term Posted Rates Our Rates
3 YEARS 3.69% 1.69%
4 YEARS 4.09% 1.69%
5 YEARS 4.79% 1.91%
Variable 2.45% 1.50%